Did you even realize you can get an escort NDA signed ?

Every gentleman I meet is guaranteed privacy although some require a level of privacy that requires an NDA (non disclosure agreement). You might be apprehensive about reaching out to me because you have a “celebrity” type status & privacy concerns are at another level than the standard implied privacy.  This is something that I am very familiar with and will happily do so if your level of fame is that of someone who actually requires it.  if you are an athlete, celebrity or very high level executive we can talk about an NDA and I’ll sign one for you.  So yes, you can get an escort NDA signed.

What I can say to everyone I meet is that I am extremely private.  Tucked away in my bag is where my phone will stay unless we are looking at calendars in order to plan our next date or share something.  Bon Appétit isn’t looking to hire me so I don’t think I need to take photos of our dinner, ha ha.  Taking photos can be fun when we are on a trip and that’s only done if you give me express permission that you’re comfortable with this.  It’s tacky to post on social media regarding our private time so that will never happen.

I might take a photo if we are not in each other’s company but never while in the same room together.  No matter your level of celebrity, or not, you are entitled to privacy and my undivided attention.

Also, I should mention that there are many phone apps and private paperwork that work for non disclosures.  We do not have to have anyone involved other than the two of us.