Hours, an evening or days…

– Take the time to indulge a little –

I’m available in the Los Angeles area for 2+ hour meetings or you can send for me for any meeting of 4 hours or greater plus the cost of travel.

  • $1500  2 hours
  • $2000  3 hours (light meal, or drinks and private time)
  • $2500  4-5 hours  (couple hours out, couple hours private time)
  • $5000  Overnight with a welcome morning

Bespoke bookings, looking for something special?  Let’s make it happen.

  • $5000  Clock free day, we enjoy the entire day late into the evening
  • $6500  Clock free day + overnight.
  • $8000  2 day trip or weekend
  • $4000  Each additional day
Booking 3 hours or longer?

Should our engagement be 3 hours or longer this time must include a meal or social time.  A small discreet deposit is required.  All exclusive trips require a larger deposit plus travel to confirm our meeting.

Cancellation policy

Because I have set this time aside just for us, if you must cancel with less than 48 hours notice I will expect compensation equal to 50% of our scheduled appointment.  Less than 12 hours notice I will expect the entire fee as there is no way for me to recoup that lost income on such short notice.

Your place or mine?

I prefer to join you at your upscale hotel anywhere in the Southern California area but if it’s necessary I can arrange for you to come to me at my residence in Beverly Hills.  If I am traveling I do provide a incall location.

Private travel

A 50% deposit is required to confirm our booking, along with airfare and travel expenses. Until I receive this, our meeting is not solidified.

Cancellation policy- These trips require 14-day notice or the deposit is forfeited. If given notice it may be applied to a future date within 6 months.

If you are looking for a bespoke trip or have something special in mind please email me and we will try to make it work.  I love new adventures as much as relaxing beach trips.  I have a travel wishlist on my spoil me page but am always open to trying something new. My bag is packed!

I’ve caught your eye across the room, maybe touched your arm as I brushed past you.  You wanted to reach out and touch me back.  Don’t miss this opportunity to take the plunge.