beverly hills hotels

Looking for a place to stay when you come to town?  Any of these  Beverly Hills hotels will fit the bill and have you thrilled you chose them?  Of course I know you plan to have a beautiful woman on your arm but it’s hard to know know which of our fabulous hotels to choose.  I have so many gents come to town and want to know where to stay and of course why not have a local I have compiled a list that is not only convenient to me (hint hint) but that I have stayed in and highly recommend.  I look forward to joining you for a dinner date or overnight adventure.  Once you have booked a location  (I can help you if you need), reach out here and we will schedule our meeting.

Beverly Hills Hotels

The Montage Hotel   This hotel is in a great walking neighborhood.  It has two fabulous places to dine along with a dozen restaurants in walking distance that are some of the best in Beverly Hills.  You can’t beat the location or service here.  Everything at this hotel is fabulous including the spa and the also have a whiskey/cigar bar.

Four Seasons Beverly Hills  This is what used to be called the Regent Beverly Wilshire or affectionately called “The Pretty Woman hotel”.   It’s right at Rodeo Drive and Wilshire.  Iconic and fabulous.  Great neighborhood for shopping and plenty to keep yourself busy (did I mention all these hotels are in my neighborhood, lol).

The Beverly Hills Hotel   The iconic pink palace.  It’s grand, beautiful and has service that is second to none.  It is a location has has to be reached by car (though I can walk there in nice weather).  Once you are at the pink palace you never have to leave.  The restaurants are fabulous, the grounds are beautiful and the rooms are glorious.  Of course I would gladly be your tour guide and can recommend some fabulous food in the area but if you don’t want to leave…this might be the place!

L’Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel  A quiet escape from the busy world of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.  This is a very discreet hotel where everyone knows your name and gives you very personalized attention.  Also in a residential part of the City.  A quiet oasis of a hotel.  Not a place to swing from chandeliers but to be a bit more Zen.

Four Seasons Los Angeles  This is what people think of as the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.  In a bit more of a residential neighborhood but only a 10 minute walk from the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills where all the happenings of the City are.  Great hotel just not as much in the walking part of the City.

In the own little corner of the City

The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills   The new kid on the block!  Oh how divine.  They are going above and beyond to out due the competition.  If you choose to stay here we can dine, spa and relax all in one location.  The rooftop deck has a beautiful view of the city and is the perfect location for a light bite to eat or a drink while getting acquainted or reacquainted.  Not to mention one of the most divine dinner date locations by Jean-Georges.

The Beverly Hilton  Still want to get your points and stay at a cool hotel?  This is the place.  The rooms are quite beautiful and you can grab a bite and drink at Trader Vics or hang by the pool.  The bar is also great for people watching.

The Peninsula Hotel  Chic, high attention to guests and great luxury.  A little off the beaten path near the Beverly Hilton but if you have a car it’s a good locale.  It also has a fabulous restaurant and rooftop if you wanted to stay in for your dinner date.

If you are staying at any of these hotels I will be happy to join you as they are all in my neighborhood.  Since I am one the only mature Beverly Hills escort who actually lives in the city I know all the fabulous places to dine and can help plan our dinner date or even better if you want to see the city, I’m your gal. These are the ones I go to the most and can highly recommend.  Being a local mature Beverly Hills escort gives me the distinct advantage to ensuring your trip is memorable.